👀 reactions on posts

What most people mean

I expect most users use :eyes: to mean that they’re watching the topic with interest.

What I mean

If I don’t have an immediate response to the comment (or if it doesn’t warrant a comment), sometimes :+1: or :tada: isn’t really appropriate (especially for bug reports), so I use :eyes: to show you that I saw and read the post, and, if relevant, am trying to figure out how to debug and solve the issue.

In other words, I use :eyes: as a way to ensure you that I did, in fact, see what you wrote.


I also, most likely, bookmarked your post if I didn’t take care of it immediately. Bookmarks can be used as reminders, (but feel free to bump the topic if I don’t resolve your issue and you think I’ve dropped the ball).

If you haven’t used the bookmark feature in this forum, it’s pretty nifty:

  1. Click the image in the bottom right of a post
  2. Click the image bookmark icon, and select a time to be reminded.

When the timer elapses, you’ll get an email or notification within the forum, showing as a counter on your avatar in the upper right corner. I’ve got 6 pending issues right now: