Reading newly mounted CD-ROM

Running desktop version of PS on Windows 10. I have a lot of images on CD-ROM (including many duplicates, I’m sure) that I want to import to the PS library. I mounted one disk, it was detected and processed. No problem. Then, I loaded the next disk, and PS doesn’t seem to detect that it was mounted. I restarted PS, and it didn’t find and process the mounted CD-ROM. I let the machine set overnight, and I still don’t think it processed the disk. I judge this from the fact that there is at least one image on the CD-ROM that is not in the library.

I have PS set to Automatic (scan all directories on all drives) and I have verified that there is no “nomedia” file or folder on the source CD-ROM.

Am I missing something? Or, is there a way to “nudge” PS to make it check for a newly-mounted unit of removable media?

When I designed the volume UUID heuristics I didn’t think about how to handle Windows and CD-ROMs–I totally missed that usecase.

I suspect PhotoStructure reverted to using file: URIs for your CD-ROM, which tends to be very brittle: when you insert a new drive with the same drive letter, PhotoStructure assumes it must be the same drive, and that the entire contents of the drive have been replaced.

Which, obviously, is really bad.

I’m changing this to a bug. I’ll think about how to handle this properly, but know that it will require a code change. For now, a terrible hack workaround is to mount each different CD-ROM to a different drive letter, and then restart sync from the nav menu: but that assumes you have fewer than 20-odd CD-ROMs, of course.

Thanks for the heads-up!