Repeated Library Setup Fail Error Within 2 Minutes Of Installation

Hi there,

  • I just installed PhotoStructure on Mac OS X Sonoma 14.2.1 about 15 minutes ago and selected the folders on an external HD that I wanted the app to scan.

  • During the scan, I clicked a photo to see more detail.

  • The scan continued running but I was unable to see the detailed photo and ended up stuck in a blank screen.

  • I exited PhotoStructure, attempted to restart, and got the following error message:

Library setup failed: : ModelDbJanitor(/Volumes/Biggie/Photos/.photostructure) {“from”:“ModelDbJanitor.setup”}: 2024-03-16 14:18:14.505 defaults[67161:6462236] The domain/default pair of (kCFPreferencesAnyApplication, AppleLocale) does not exist…¹

  • I deleted the PhotoStructure Application Support, Logs, and Caches folders in my Library, then uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

  • I selected the folder paths I wanted PhotoStructure to scan, then immediately got the same error message.

  • I repeated the deletion and reinstallation step and got the same issue.

Please advise and/or let me know if you need more info. Thanks!

What version of photostructure

1.1.0. The MacOS version here: PhotoStructure | Install PhotoStructure

Howdy @aaeefffhjnnoprt and welcome to PhotoStructure!

Unfortunately the v1.1 build has a number of issues, and updates to the desktop build have stalled due to changes in Apple gatekeeper and the third-party desktop build environment that PhotoStructure relies on.

I’d recommend an alpha (or even the current prealpha build) using PhotoStructure for Node: you’ll end up with a custom binary for your specific CPU that will be faster than any desktop build I can make available.

Details are here: PhotoStructure | PhotoStructure for Node

Thanks for the quick response, @mrm! Is there a more straightforward workaround than PS for Node?

Currently, only PhotoStructure for Node and PhotoStructure for Docker are able to run the latest v2023 code. I’m rebuilding the Desktop edition (today, actually) with a new third-party library (electron-forge), specifically to lift the Desktop edition into v2023 feature parity with the other editions.

Sounds good! Could you let me know when your rebuild is ready or will there be an announcement?

I post Announcement topics when new releases are made available. You’re also free to join us on discord!