Reporting Bugs

Found a bug?

Please include:

System information

  1. What operating system you’re using (macOS, Windows, Ubuntu, Fedora, UnRAID, DSM, …)
  2. What version of OS (macOS Big Sur, Windows 10 19041, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, …)
  3. What edition of PhotoStructure you’re using (PhotoStructure for Desktops, PhotoStructure for Docker, or PhotoStructure for Node)

(All this information is on your PhotoStructure About page: Click the nav menu, and scroll down to “About”).

A description of the bug

  • Where was the problem?
  • What did you expect PhotoStructure to do?
  • What did it actually do?

Please attach screenshots/screen recording/example images if applicable. Feel free to email directly if anything is privacy-related.