Rescans and more to be processed

Not sure if this is a bug, something in my setup, or something I’m not understanding about how things work…

I’ve noticed that if I “rescan” (even immediately after doing a total library rebuild), it always finds more pictures to process.

I haven’t added pics to account for this.

I notice that while it’s rescanning it seems like it sometimes “restarts” (dies and restarts?) - the processing section disappears partway through and then re-appears quickly. Maybe unrelated.

Not sure what to look for in the logs to try to help diagnose.

Sorry about that: it’s just a UI glitch. The “processing” panel in the UI is rendered via a server-side event stream, and that stream is generated by polling a database table by the web service. The sync service periodically updates the rows in the table to reflect what it’s currently working on: so by the time you see the event, it’s work done 2 time-slices ago (where a “time slice” is between 2 and 5 seconds, depending on the CPU speed of the system).

So, know that a “rebuild” never discovers new files: it only makes sure that whatever’s in the database is up to date. This has more information:

If you find that running sync multiple times in a row discovers new stuff, that’s a bug: please send me recent logs (and include what files were “newly discovered” in subsequent sync runs).