Right-click 'Edit With ...' (Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.)

Not a huge problem as I have other image file viewing programs that incorporate this functionality, but it would be EXTREMELY handy to be able to right-click on an image and select an image file editor or tool to edit the photo. Having the ability to configure and select between multiple image file editors would make it even more useful.

My primary image file viewer for the past 20 years or so has been ACDSee, and that’s exactly what it does; right-click, click ‘External Editors’ from the menu that appears, and I can then select between roughly 10 different image editing tools that I added via the ‘Configure Editors’ function in the same menu.

Anyway … just a suggestion.


Welcome to PhotoStructure, @BigAL . Great idea!

Until I add this, know that you can open up the asset info panel and click the ⋮ by the file name, and then pick “open file in folder”.

When the finder opens, you can right-click the file to open in another application.

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