Round trip photo editing

There seemed to be some interest in this on Discord so I wanted to post it in a more permanent forum, particularly since this seems to be the preferred place to track feature requests.

The short version is that Photostructure would benefit from some means to temporarily export a parcel of photos to an external editor and easily reimport them with edits/additional sidecars - this would tie in very well with the concept of surfacing forgotten RAW files by allowing them to subsequently have any required edits applied and still being tracked. This would mostly apply to the server hosted versions as you can just pull up the local filesystem on Desktop, but given the server versions are better suited to long term storage and search I think this would be very useful for a decent number of server users.

This could work one of 2 ways - the easiest to implement would be multi selecting a set of images and downloading them as a project - this would create a dedicated upload option to re-upload those same images (alternatively a general purpose upload function using the existing deduplication functions could also work).

The other, better but harder to implement, way would be to expose a temporary web share (likely WebDAV but could use any broadly supported network sharing protocol, this could be tunneled over TLS to cover security issues if necessary) containing the selected images.

I could see this working very well as a premium only solution - it’s the one feature I’ve been searching for and haven’t been able to find in any photo manager (even the cloud ones) so I would be more than happy to pay for it, and it would work much better with the premium library management features.