Running Photostructure on QNAP - updated tutorial?

hello all, I tried to run photostructure as a container in my QNAP nas but the guide isn’t clear / detailed enough for me to follow it successfully.

Could someone that has been successful help me get this going?

Sorry about that! I’ll be updating the server installation docs as soon as version 1.0.0 ships.

Which step did you get stuck at?

Pretty much at the beginning because I tried to do it with Container Station’s UI instead of SSH into my box (I’m not particularly conversant with the unix command line).

If you can help me get it going I promise I’ll contribute an updated & thorough guide to the project :slight_smile:

I wanted to know if there’s an update on QNAP Tutorial/Support :slight_smile:

Sorry, no, I haven’t.

With the QNAP crypto-locker and malware issues that they’ve had (and continue to have, see the /r/qnap subreddit), I had to shut down my own personal QNAP (that I bought specifically for PhotoStructure support!). It’s super frustrating.