Selective rebuilds

Is it possible to rebuild a sub-set of the library? Perhaps using the cli tool? (I didn’t see anything obvious in ./photostructure --help)

My use case is: Open some photos (from the photostructure library) in Digikam to use the geo-coding feature (i.e., dropping the photos on a map to generate geo tags), and then triggering a rebuild to force photostructure to pick up the metadata changes.

A rebuild of the whole library is unnecessary if I could just specify a particular sub-path/wildcard/glob.

The tool you’re looking for is sync, and it supports synchronizing arbitrary files and folders (they don’t need to be in your scanPaths, and the paths or files can be items PhotoStructure has already imported before, or be completely new.

./photostructure sync /path/to/dir

More information is here:

You may want to add --force if PhotoStructure doesn’t see your changes, but if you need to add this option, please tell me (and send me debug logs): it should “do the right thing.”

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