Server Install Failure in

During the install process on a server (Fedora 39, long time server) all went well until in the .| it blew up during the part 4|4
[4|4] Building fresh packages…
[1|2] ⠠ better-sqlite3

Basically it starts complaining about:

warning: cast between incompatible function types

The forum engine will not allow me to post the log as it thinks it is full of hyperlinks.

What do I do next?


Howdy @justinf ! Sorry for the glitch!

A couple things:

  1. Make sure you first switch to the alpha branch by running git checkout alpha. It’s only “alpha” in that the build isn’t validated on Windows and macOS yet–it should be quite stable on linux and docker. Once all OSes are stable, I’ll update the stable/main branch.

  2. Make sure you’re running a recent Node.js 18 or 20. I updated the installation instructions recently:

Wow! Thank you!

Both for replying to me (a little bit of a lost soul on this one) and having a solution that was instant gratification! Bingo, it worked!

Thanks so much!!!


PS your instructions are great: read them a couple of times to get a grip on what I needed to do, and then (with this little bit of help) installed as described on a Fedora Core 39 server running Selinux. Thanks!

I’m going to try this but I am having the same issues on the Ubuntu track. I will start with the alpha branch and see if it fixes my similar problems (rebuilding a photostructure server)

yep - built photostructure binary first go.