Show all photos in "View by date"

Ive noticed when using “View by date” the months will only show a certain amount of images, so I have to manually select each month to see all the photos.

Would be great if the months already showed all photos. (enabled in settings for example)

Like how you browse photos on your phone. Not having to go in and out of specific months when you want to scroll through your entire library.

Love photostructure btw!!

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I think there’s two different use cases - looking for a photo you know exists in some rough timeframe, and wanting to quickly scroll through to find that particular photo.

And then there’s going down memory lane, where PhotoStructure’s algorithm intentionally reduces the number of photos you see in one any section so that you can more quickly surface memories across the ages, across the people, across the keywords, etc.

Seems to me a toggle between those two modes might be the simplest. Home screen should always be memory lane, searches should always include all results, but I think every other time a toggle would be appropriate.

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Yes! By reading the docs I found a great solution! By using the search term “before:2050” it shows all photos taken before 2050, which makes it easy to scroll through entire library:)