✅ Show video icon and/or video duration in video thumbnails

Videos are currently indistinguishable from photos in thumbnail views.

To elaborate, several beta users have asked for a video icon and video runtime to be added as watermarks overlayed upon video asset thumbnails.

Hover-autoplaying a low fps snippet would be nifty, too, but require more transcoding work during imports.

Jumping on, an icon and runtime would be great.

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I just added this tonight and it’ll ship in 1.0.0-beta.4.

Here’s what it looks like in small-thumbnail mode:


With medium and large thumbs, the play icon is added (and some more padding):

The fancy background-blur behind the duration renders fine on Chrome and Safari, but Firefox doesn’t support that CSS directive yet. :neutral_face:

Also: these screenshots are from my Type/Video gallery, so they actually are all videos.

I’ll add hover-autoplay as a new feature request.

(Closing this topic is required to release the votes that people used for this feature).