Source Directory Not Scanned after Beta 13 Update

After updating to Beta 13 from 12, Photo Structure Plus is not reading the source directory.

The Setup:
I am using a Photo Structure Plus docker on Unraid. The destination is an NFS mounted directory on my Qnap NAS (/mnt/remotes/Photos/Photo_Doris_Structure/). The source is also an NFS directory Qnap NAS (/mnt/remotes/Photos/Photos_Doris/). All else is standard Unraid config (e.g.

The Issue:
A new directory was added to the source directory (/mnt/remotes/Photos/Photos_Doris/2021 Backup/). For some reason, PS was not scanning it. Through some testing, I found out that the original source directory wasn’t been scanned at all.

How I tested:
All photos in the source directory were prior to 2021. The new added sub-directory has photos only from 2021. When I discovered that the new photos weren’t being added, I copied some of the 2021 photos out of the sub-directory into the main directory (original source directory - the one that beta 12 had copied from.) I initiated a rescan, and no new photos were added.

Should I attempt to initiate a rebuild?

Rebuild won’t fix this issue: that process is to ensure the existing paths in the database have direct metadata in tier library and are directly aggregated into assets.

If you could:

  1. shut down PhotoStructure
  2. set PS_LOG_LEVEL=debug
  3. restart PhotoStructure and run a sync via the nav menu, and then
  4. send me those log files

I can see what’s going on. Details about this process are here: