Source of obscure _Digikam_root_tag_ tag

So… imported about 65,000 photos… some of these are quite old and have been through various DAM solutions over the year. One of which I keep dealing with is Digikam…

Some 41 or so of these pictures seems to have a tag hierarchy that includes (the root) as “Digikam_root_tag”.

For whatever reason PhotoStructure deems this important enough to show at the “top level” of my pictures (along with “When”, “Camera”, “Lens”, “Keywords”, etc.), thus I noticed it to begin with.

So… did a little reading and see that these were caused by a bug back several years ago in Digikam that has apparently been corrected since then - no problem, I’ll just go remove it. Except Digikam doesn’t show this tag, Lightroom doesn’t show the tag, exiftool doesn’t show the tag, exiv2 doesn’t show the tag… it must be in there somewhere, or PhotoStructure wouldn’t have read it.

I’m not sure what library you are using to read, but wondered if you might give me a pointer…

Not the end of the world, but confusing.

If you email me a sample image with that tag, I can take a look (or just send me the result of exiftool -j -struct /path/to/image.jpg).

Until then, you can hide the root tag via the excludedRootTags setting.