SqliteError: code SQLITE_CORRUPT: database disk image is malformed

Something new on beta.5 :frowning:

Started PS, let it index for few minutesā€¦ Then bam! This:

{"fatal":true,"exit":true,"status":12,"pid":2191,"ppid":2183,"error":"ChildService(web).onStdout(): Error: ChildService(web).onStdout()Failed to write to the library database: Failed to set up /home/photostructure/Pictures/.photostructure/models/db.sqlite3: SqliteError: code SQLITE_CORRUPT: database disk image is malformedĀ¹ā¶"}

Shutting down PhotoStructure...

Verifying & backing up /home/photostructure/Pictures/.photostructure/models/db.sqlite3...

PhotoStructure library db has been backed up to /home/photostructure/Pictures/.photostructure/models/backup.

I cleared Library and rm -rf ~/.cache/photostructure ~/.config/PhotoStructure, tried again - same. Going to roll back to .4 and before. Will report hereā€¦


EDIT: not sure how to downgrade to .4 or .3ā€¦

Oh man, sorry about that! Can you send me any logs from the past day or two and I can see whatā€™s going on?

git checkout v1.0.0-beta.4 should work.

I wiped everything in PS Library and photostructure-for-servers, then started from scratch on beta.5. It is still running few hours afterā€¦ IDK what was wrong before.

What disk are you storing your PhotoStructure library on?

(Is it a remote fileshare, or a local HDD, or a local SSD?)

Local SSD. And it is still up. I will keep an eye on this for next few betas.