"SqliteError: UNIQUE constraint failed: Progress.uri" errors in sync log

Expected Behavior

I requested a rebuild of my Photostructure library as it was getting stuck not importing anything.
I clicked rebuild, and waited 24hrs. Now it shows “28 assets”, although there are actually more photos showing. I expected the library to show me the progress of the rebuild.

Current Behavior

The progress of the rebuild lasted for a few minutes then never came back.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Rebuild library
  2. Wait an hour
  3. You’ll now have no idea if it’s rebuilding or not as the status will have disappeared


Operating system and version: Windows 10
PhotoStructure edition: PhotoStructure for Docker

See screenshot below for log extract:

Logs in dropbox link (11mb zip): XXX

Note a couple of files couldn’t be zipped as in this screenshot, let me know if they’re important and I can stop the docker container to get them:
2021-05-18 18_02_44-AIDAN-DELL ‎- Remote Desktop

Docker compose file here: Dropbox - docker-compose.yml - Simplify your life
(is there an easier way to provide these? I can’t see a way to attach files when raising bugs)

*Edit to add screenshot and correct count

I found this issue last night: the library asset count was being cached in the webserver and not being invalidated properly. This will be fixed in beta.3.

I believe I found the correct setting to support uploading .log, .gz, .tgz, and .zip files now. Note that logfiles may include potentially private metadata: I’d only DM those logfiles directly to me.

I’ve edited you prior post to remove the links to Dropbox, and I’ll look at what’s going on now.

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Moved away from Docker Compose to Node, my sqlite issues went away, happy to consider this resolved.

The asset count is working great in beta 3 now too, woop