Steps to migrate to a low-end laptop?

First, is this even reasonable?

My thought is to mainly use a more powerful computer (at home) for photostructure, but in addition, have a lightweight laptop that can be carried on trips to show friends and family.

Steps toward this goal:

I currently have a bunch of ‘originals’ on a drive that is separate from the ‘library’. And yes everything is, and will continue to be, backed up to external drives that are stored in various places.

Only in the past few days, have I used the ‘auto organize’ feature, and I really like the result.

So, my next step: shut down photostructure, and move/hide the originals, and replace the top level ‘originals’ folder with an empty folder, and then let photostructure re-sync. Is this the right way to do this? My goal is to wean myself from the originals.

By the way how do i know when photostructure is finished with a major step like a rebuild or resync?

thanks again for a great program!

There are two parts to your “PhotoStructure library”: your “original” photos and videos, and then all the bits and pieces that PhotoStructure needs to make the user interface fast, which includes your library database, preview images, and transcoded videos. More details about this are here: PhotoStructure | What is a “PhotoStructure library”?

Your intuition is correct: you can shut down PhotoStructure and then just copy your library from your current computer to your laptop (say, to C:\photos, install PhotoStructure on that laptop, and pick the C:\photos as your library, and it should open right up.

If your library is quite big and your laptop doesn’t have a lot of storage, I can give you a set of settings that will set up PhotoStructure to only build the minimal number of preview images to make high quality viewing on your laptop and minimize disk space—it may reduce disk consumption by 30-50%.

Note that you can also expose your library to the internet, and then access your library from anywhere (no laptop needed!) This is a bit involved, but it can be quite nice for family members that live afar. Instructions are here: PhotoStructure | How do I access my PhotoStructure Library on other computers?

initial results with an old thinkpad is going great! My wife is browsing directly on the laptop, and i am using my phone to browse the laptop. nice! thank you!