Stop syncing? 107k photos

How do i know the desktop app has finish syncing?
It’s been like 7hours there’s no update and only like 20gigs of photos and videos sync to the photostructure folder, i have 220gigs photos and videos, I still have enough space around 260gb just for photostructure to sync.
I already tried to rebuild, but the result still the same.

The about page has a list of currently mounted volumes and when they last competed their last synchronization.

For more comprehensive reports, the list tool should help:

Improving this is being discussed here: Show more import and sync details

sorry, the link solution you gave, are using command line,
i am using windows 10 btw, not server, with manual path setting, in it, there’s a multiple level folder of photos and videos.
The status of sync are synced in about page, so it supposed to be finish right. Is there other way to solve this? like force scan and sync all folder

Correct: if the status of a given directory is “synced”, that means it “completed” that directory (or volume) recently.

So, what does “completed” mean?

A directory or volume is marked as “completed” when sync has successfully walked through all non-system, non-hidden, non-ignorable directories and tried to import every “interesting” looking file (photos and videos that pass the import filters).

I’ve tried to design PhotoStructure using the “principle of least astonishment”: so that for most people, PhotoStructure does what they expect it to do.

However, you may have directories that have files that you want imported, but live in a subdirectory that PhotoStructure thinks is a “system” or “application” directory. You can “force” PhotoStructure to import those directories by including them specifically in the “Where are your photos and videos” section, which will tell PhotoStructure that it shouldn’t ignore that folder.

Know that PhotoStructure “does the right thing” if you add subdirectories that you’ve already scanned in the past: if PhotoStructure sees that a file is already in your library, it does a quick check to verify that the file hasen’t changed, and moves on to the next file.

OK. Currently, to have a comprehensive list of files in your library, though, you must use PhotoStructure for Servers.

Know that you can normally use PhotoStructure for Desktops, and just use the PhotoStructure for Servers tooling on-demand when you need them: they both work fine when installed together.