"Stuck" Loading New Images

Expected Behavior

I open a large group of photos (for example by a date, or a camera). I scroll through the images, no matter if it is the smaller medium or large grid size. They should all load as I scroll.

Current Behavior

If I scroll for a while so that the program has to load new images, then I open an image, then click back, then scroll some more, the program will get “stuck” and not load more images, even though there are more to load.

Steps to Reproduce

See above


Unraid 6.8.3:

PhotoStructure edition: Photostructure for Docker 1.0 alpha 7

Thanks for reporting this!

What browser are you using, on what OS? Are you using any extensions? Is the request going through any routers? (I had to return a linksys and an orbi router because they truncate TCP requests (!!))

I’m away from my desk for a couple days. I’ll look into this next week.

I am using Chrome 89 on Windows 10. I do have the adblock extension. I use a TP-Link Archer C9 wifi router. I can take a screen video if it helps or anything, its kind of an odd thing that happens.

I use a pihole and ublock origin everywhere, so that shouldn’t an issue.

Can you try with a hardwire connection between the computer running PhotoStructure and the computer running your browser?

If that doesn’t fix it, please tell me and we can debug it together.