Support bulk tagging assets

Now that I have imported 13,000 pictures into photostructure I want to organise them by content, which means keywording them. Is this possible? I’d like to be able to select a bunch of photos and keyword them in one go – from a particular trip, or of a particular person – that sort of thing. But at the moment it only seems to pick up on exif tags, which are useful so far as the go but don’t catch any socially meaningful categories.

Howdy, and welcome to PhotoStructure!

Manual tagging is currently the second-most-voted-for feature for me to add. There are details there that describe why it’s non-trivial to add that, but I definitely will add it as soon as the highest-rated feature, hide and delete, gets implemented (which I’m working on right now).

While I’ve got you: how are you hoping to be able to mass-tag a large library like that?

What tags were you wanting to add?

  • Scene tags (like “sunset”, “portrait”, “mountains”, …)?
  • Face tags?
  • Event tags?
    (something else?)

Are you wanting to tag everything, or just as you visit individual assets?

Would you want to see “untagged” assets (those assets without manually-associated tags)?

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I wanted primarily to tag people, which would be face tags, I suppose; also event tags, which have some overlap with place tags. I would like to be able to tag things in bulk from the thumbnail screen, eg “Holiday in Norway 2010”; but also individually on occasion. So there would be, say, a group tag for “Musicians in the pub”, some of which would be tagged by the name of the group, some by the name of a particular musician; some by whether they are colour or black and white.

Yes, I’d love to see untagged assets: how else would I know what to tag? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing :+1:

OK: if you’ve used Google Photos, Lightroom, or Picasa, and tagged anyone in those apps, know that v1.0 will pull people’s names out of sidecars. Automatic face tagging (rather than just reading from face tagging from sidecars) is third on my to-do list, currently.

For me, among the most important tags are flexible tags like a simple rating (1-star, 5-star) or a “pick” or “good” tag that I can quickly apply with a keyboard shortcut. I am very excited about using PS to discover great shots – and this is key – and to mark those shots so I can find them again. I might be missing something (I read the FAQ and forum) - apologies if that is the case.

Basically, I’m finding that PS is uncovering tons of cool stuff, and I have no clear way to get back to it. But uncovering stuff is exactly why I’m excited to be a subscriber.

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Agreed with @dreetz it would be nice to tag the “top” images from a specific date or trip or event, so that later you can come back and see the highlights of that particular thing. Or roll it up to things like a “best of” for a year, camera, location, person, etc. Looking forward to this feature!

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I’ve just converted this topic to a feature request: I don’t think prior feature requests ask for this specifically, and I (personally) would find this super handy.