Support for iPhone Live Photos

PhotoStructure displays different time stamps for JPG and MOV files from iPhone Live Photos. The .MOV files are time stamped +9 hours ahead of the JPG files in PhotoStructure, which causes them to appear out of order instead of next to each other. The JPG and MOV files have the same time stamp when viewed via file explorer.


  • iPhone w/ iOS 14.3 using “Most Compatible” format (JPG/MOV)
  • PhotoStructure v0.9.1 AppImage running on an Ubuntu 20.04
  • PhotoSync syncs photos from iPhone to Synology NAS (storage location for PhotoStructure)

Steps to Replicate

  • Take photos on iPhone
  • PhotoSync syncs separate JPG and MOV files to Synology NAS photos folder
  • PhotoStructure scans Synology NAS photos folder and imports new iPhone live photos

EXPECTED RESULT: JPG and MOV files appear with the same timestamps and are right next to each other in PhotoStructure (or even better, merged)

OBSERVED RESULT: JPG and MOV files are separate with different timestamps. MOV files are +9 hours ahead of JPG times

Is there a better way to deal with iPhone live photos using PhotoStructure?

Sorry about this! You’re actually seeing both a bug and a missing feature.

The bug: videos are N hours off because PhotoStructure v0.9.1 doesn’t correctly infer the correct timezone when it’s missing from tags (which is frequently the case with videos).

The missing feature: live photos needs to be “deduped” into a single asset, which will require several changes to the current deduping heuristics. Live photos (with autoplay-video-that-fades-to-high-resolution-image) needs some custom FE work, too. It’s on my todo list.

I’m going to recategorize this post as a feature request so people can vote for live photo support. :+1: