Support for Ubuntu 24 disk sizing?

I’m setting up a new computer, and using Ubuntu 24, which I realize isn’t supported, but not sure if that’s the cause here. My computer’s main disk is 500gb and has ~488GB free. PhotoStructure won’t run as it thinks the disk only has 14.8GB available as it’s under the 16GB default. Runs fine when I turn off the check by setting it to 0 with PS_MIN_DISK_FREE_GB=0 && ./ using df -h shows nothing close to being full.

relatedly? The setting seems to get lost? I’ve got it in my ~/.profile - and the sync runs fine at first, but eventually stops with the disk size warning. Restarting gets it going again for some reason.

Thanks for taking the time to report this!

I suspect PhotoStructure’s volume parsing is misattributing the small root partition to be the host for your cache directory.

Is this a completely default Ubuntu 24 installation? Is /home an auto mount, perhaps?

In any event, there’s a setting that lets you skip any misbehaving health check:

Set this array to include library-free-space.

If you’re willing, could you DM me the result of df so I can try to see why the volume parsing is borked?

sent! For future generations, I was able to get things working by using the sync command directly