🌍 Support reverse-geocoding, to automatically tag assets with location names

This feature would enable a “Where” root tag. For assets that are tagged with a latitude and longitude, PhotoStructure would do a reverse lookup for the point of interest nearest to the location, and tag the asset with that place: like, Where/North America/United States/California/San Francisco/Golden Gate.

PhotoStructure needs a database to do these lookups, but rather than having an external API, each region database will be downloaded once when needed, to maintain privacy and minimize outbound RPC calls.

Related features that I’d like include viewing assets on a map, showing a map in the asset info view, and interpolating GPS locations of non-gps-tagged assets using external GPS tracks.

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I like the sound of this feature, but as a lower priority than those that I’ve already voted on - so I’m not voting for this one but am letting you know I’d like it sometime down the road.


The ability to browse based on location is a game changer for me. Often I want to find photos or videos from a trip or an event, or all photos at a friend’s vacation home, and that does not correspond to folders or cameras or date ranges.

One side note: the reverse POI lookup is super slick, but I suspect that even a proof of concept view that leverages location data would provide significant value. For example, I’d love to be able to click on a map and just see all photos within X miles of that point. I struggle with POI granularity in iCloud today - “Sardinia” yields nothing but “Italy” does. Clicking on a map and providing a radius is deterministic and probably why i like it :slight_smile:


Imo viewing the assets on a map would be the coolest feature mentioned in this post.

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I think it would be great already if we can have a ‘where’ tag in Photostructure. I’d say that’s a basic feature, as 90% of my photos contain GPS coordinates and I often look at them in a map in other software like Mac Photos.

I second this, it’s a great feature but honestly I rarely care where I took a photo. But I do sometimes and it is a solid feature