Support Star Ratings in metadata

All photos I process are starred 1-5 stars, and I use these to filter smaller or larger sets - e.g. for the photos from a vacation I might want to show only the 4+ stars to others, but browse the 3+ stars when I’m looking back myself. I apply star ratings in Lightroom, and I think this is a standard field (rather than e.g. the lightroom colour tags) so it would be great if this could be supported in the info box and in search (and preferably filters too, if it makes sense).

Currently the star rating is used for the “favorite” feature. See this post for more details: Ability to quickly favorite a photo while browsing - #18 by mrm

I wonder if replacing the “favorite” capability with a 5-star rating capability would satisfy your (very reasonable) request in addition to maintaining the ability to quickly “favorite” photos while browsing in Photostructure.

Yes, it would - I personally think 5 star rating is probably more useful than binary favourite/ not favourite…

Also, 5 star ratings seem to be an IPTC field that I think is implemented in a fairly standard way across multiple programs (at least, the stars I apply in lightroom show up in every other program I’ve tried that also has star ratings (and also in windows explorer)), whereas favourite / flagging seems to be inconsistently applied between programs and not an IPTC standard, so it might be more “useful” to support ratings since they’ll sync with other products. But, this is just my opinion, I just started using PhotoStructure yesterday and I don’t want to immediately demand you do everything my way :slight_smile:

I agree with having stars instead of favorites, but it’s not a big deal to me.

I mostly wanted to thank @PS_2923 for being so reasonable instead of trying to rewrite the world on day two :slight_smile:


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