Sync hang on healthcheck, then restart sync at zero?

I just started trying to us PhotoStructure on a Mac. All my photos (minus Apple Photos library) are hosted on a NAS. I’m running out of space on my local drive, so the PhotoStructure Library is residing on the NAS as well. I’ve edited the settings files to have smaller previews & use 95% of processing power.

When I start the sync, the healthcheck was ok. PhotoStructure imported ~20K photos into the library. Then “About PhotoStructure” gave me a local disk was low on memory (~5.6GB, despite everything pointing at the NAS). I paused the sync, quit PhotoStructure, deleted ~3GB of local files, and relaunched PhotoStructure – and it started back from zero photos? What gives?

A few quick additions - the NAS doesn’t support docker so I can’t run PhotoStructure from there.

I have a Pi5 on the network as well (so circumvent the Mac’s local drive issue) but I can’t get Docker to play nicely with the NAS (knowledge limitations on my side).

Welcome to PhotoStructure, @jslautner !

PhotoStructure comes in three main “editions”: desktop, node, and docker.

If you were using desktop or node, the cache directory on macOS will default to ~/Library/Caches/PhotoStructure. It should be safe to delete that directory, but only if PhotoStructure is shut down.

There were some cases where v1.1 didn’t “vacuum” the cache directory thoroughly, which could result in the cache dir increasing without bound. v2023/v2024 builds should behave better.

A couple issues in the v2023.12 build that will be addressed in the next release should help:

  1. Critical health checks in v2023 could timeout in some cases if sync kept the library database busy. I’ve reduced several transaction boundaries and extended the timeout semantics to avoid this in v2024.

  2. If your library is on an NFS drive, be sure to shut down via the nav menu – PhotoStructure needs to copy the library database back to your NFS library directory, and that can take many seconds (depending on disk and network speeds – but it’s only a ~100-200MB file, so it shouldn’t take a minute)