Sync not completing

Finally got moved up to 2.1.0.alpha-3 in a Docker container, and I’m running into problems with syncing. I went ahead and started from scratch with the library, and decided to finally throw the kitchen sync at it - about 40k total assets with quite a bit of duplicates.

When sync runs everything is fine, and the estimate to complete is around 2 days. However, when I run the sync it stops after about an hour. The server is fine - fully usable and no crash. If I restart sync it’ll run again for another hour, pick up more assets, but again stop.

I’m not sure where to look to figure out why it’s stopping. I don’t have any messages in my container logs, so I’m not getting errors at that level.

That’s no good!

I suspect there will be something to see if you drop PS_LOG_LEVEL from the default of error down to something like info.

Is this syncing to a local filesystem, or a remotely-mounted one?

The sync is with a local HDD, so no network latency going on there. I do have a bunch of other containers that are running, but PS is by far the most IO intensive container running.

I just changed the environment variable and restarted server. Anywhere I should be looking specifically? I’m not seeing anything more verbose in the container logs. Should I be watching the latest sync log?

Logging normally only writes to logfiles that live here.

You can run with --verbose if you want to emit to stdout, but know that it’s really verbose.

If you want to tail logs, use ./photostructure logtail

Mine just stops too. No obvious indication as to why in the logs with INFO.

Thanks for the bug reports, and apologies!

I may have found the issue (without logs I can’t be sure if it’s the same issue). It’s in alpha.4 which I hope to release shortly.