SYNO_THUMBS support has a docker option:


This seems to use the generated info during the Synology Indexing procedure.

Would this be interesting for photostructure?

Thanks for the suggestion!

I actually have a Synology NAS, and looked into this a while back. From what I remember:

  1. I had several (!) cameras that Synology didn’t handle orientation metadata correctly, so their thumbs didn’t match the orientation of the original image. FWIW, PhotoStructure has several heuristics to handle orientation robustly for different image and video formats.

  2. Synology Photo Station crashed for me during import of my library, so that was frustrating.

  3. I didn’t like some of the downsample artifacts I saw, especially in high-entropy images.

There’s a new version of Synology DSM coming, with a new photo manager, but I suspect that the number of people that both use that software and want to use PhotoStructure as well won’t be large.