Synology Docker GUI Startup Fails

Good evening!

Attempting to install PS using Synology DSM. The service attempts to start and then immediately fails and tries to restart. Noting in /ps/logs

Curious if i have the volumes mapped correctly? here is screenshot:

I suspect there may be a permissions issue: be sure to use the same UID/GID as the owner of those mount points.

Rather than just guessing, though, verbose logging will say what’s going on. Here are the instructions for setting up debug or info logging:

Also: welcome to PhotoStructure, @l1temup !

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@mrm , thank you for the permission suggestion. I never figured out how to execute the docker run command via the link you sent =( . I received an error in windows powershell connected via ssh that illustrated i was missing an argument. Never did figure out what argument was missing.

That said i was able to change the permissions for the 4 folders to be rwx for “everyone”. And the service started up.

I have a new challenge for a new thread =) Consider this one closed.