Tags in Docker hosted version of Photostructure

Hi all,

I recently installed PhotoStructure on my homelab server - I’m really impressed. One thing I haven’t been able to figure out is applying or editing tags in the web UI. Is this possible? Similar question about editing meta data.

Many thanks! Will.

That is not yet possible, in any version of photostructure. The feature is on the roadmap, but no clarity on when.

That’s helpful - is it possible to run the desktop version against the same library I can tag there and view via the web interface?

You can’t tag in the desktop version either.

How does PhotoStructure determine the tags section then? Is it taken from EXIF data? Separately, if I want to edit EXIF data, do I need to do that in the desktop version or do I need to use a different tool entirely?

Photostructure is extremely flexible in its metadata extractions, even accomodates some proprietary stuff (like Google Photo Takeout files). It takes the metadata from the pictures (exif, xmp, etc) and/or from sidecar files. It can even take some metadata from the filenames and folder names (kind of a last resort).

And yes, you can use pretty much use any tool to write metadata. I personally use digiKam, but I know others on the forum have mentioned TagThatPhoto.

Lots of good info in the user guide. I’d recommend these articles, but know that Photostructure also extracts GPS, ratings info, all the camera/lens info embedded by your camera, and probably a lot more I can’t think of right now… All from metadata in the files and/or sidecars.