Tell User if Image Content SHA changes

There has been discussion about storing the Image Content SHA in the Photostructure database. For those unfamiliar, the concept of the “Image Content SHA” is a SHA of the file without any metadata. This allows you to compare two image files with different metadata to see if the image itself is identical.

In addition, image corruption is possible by various means, including bitrot or improper writing of metadata. This image corruption might sometimes be invisible, but it can also completely ruin a photo.

If the Image Content SHA is stored in the database, then Photostructure can check if the current SHA matches the database SHA. If they do not match, notify the user.

A GUI would be nice, but an email notification with a list of all mismatches would be sufficient.

The idea is that if the user knows that the file has changed, and that change is unexpected, then they can take immediate action to restore the file from backup. This is much better than discovering months or years later that your photo is corrupted.