Test if photostructure is something to use

I have installed your software on my Ubuntu laptop and played around. Because I am looking for a substitute for Apple Photo. Some remarks:

  • The presented photo quality on my Macbook Air (with Ubuntu) test machine is not that good. Should I install additional software to get a better quality?
  • I cannot find the tags of the photo’s. The I button does not give them. Where to find?
  • Is there no way to add or edit photo tags? This gives much more improvement of your product.
  • Does your product extracts the photo’s straight from the Apple photo database with its additional info or should I first export these proto’s. What info will your product read from the exported photo’s?
  • I don’t mind that there is no geotagging as long as there is a good phototag.
  • Your software doesn’t use any database. Or does it? This is what I like (Kiss). Therefor I use Grav CMS.
  • Is it, that when I take a picture with my Iphone and uploads it automatically your software find it with the auto sync?

Howdy @Peter , welcome to PhotoStructure!

Darn, how is the quality not good? PhotoStructure does a bunch of work behind the scenes to make browsing be as high quality as possible, including Lanczos3 resizes, high quality JPEG encoding, and SRCSETs. Can you send me an email with a screenshot of what PhotoStructure is rendering, and the original source image? support@photostructure.com.

The info panel should show the extracted captured-at time, all extracted keywords, the make and model of the camera, and exposure information. Again, if that’s not what you’re seeing, please send a screenshot and the original image file (nothing private, please!)

PhotoStructure doesn’t know how to read the Apple Photos database yet: please vote for this: Apple Photos database import/sync

There will be! 🌍 Support reverse-geocoding, to automatically tag assets with location names - #6 by whoopn

It does, but it should be transparent to you. See What's PS_FORCE_LOCAL_DB_REPLICA? for details.

PhotoStructure works in concert with other file synchronization software. See https://photostructure.com/faq/how-do-i-safely-store-files/#how-do-i-back-up-files-on-my-phone

  • I found the reason for the poor photo quality. The photos were on my usb stick. I took out the usb stick so, as you describe in your docs, you get less quality of the stored photos not being the origionals.
  • I realy like sqlite. What I don’t like is complicated database solutions in some photodatbases.
  • When I export my apple photo’s with a sidecar file (either with the python export software) , take a subscription of your software, I can get the in apple recognised faces. Or not?
  • I am struggling with installing the server version on Ubuntu. I think I try to install a clean version. You said that the only difference between the server and the desktop version is the cli. What commands can I give on the cli?
  • Is it possible to put a sort of hyperlink to the source of the photo? I can see the source with the i button.
  • I can search the photos with the search button/field. I get a selection of photos which meet the search. When I select one of the photo’s I expected that I would scroll through the search results. But this does not happen.
    Sorry for all my remarks. But I am seriously looking at this nice product.

Ah: yeah, in that case, PhotoStructure will limp along with what it still has access to. You may want to enable automatic organization, to sweep everything into one tidy directory structure.

It depends on the export software: if it uses one of the four standard locations for face data that PhotoStructure looks at, PhotoStructure will pick it up.

As of v2, that list is


(here are more details)

If your export software uses a different tag, please tell me: I’m happy to expand that list to accommodate

Check this out:

Open the info panel (the “i”), and click the ellipses by each path name to open the enclosing directory with that file highlighted. The next release also lets you copy the native pathname to your clipboard.

Oof, yeah, that’s a known issue. See this forum post for the discussion. TL;DR: I will fix this as soon as the next release is out: it bothers me too!