Thanks, y'all! (need some stickers?)

In writing up the v1.0 release post, I was going though email and forum exchanges with all of you brave beta users. I’m really thankful for this community’s thoughtfulness, helpfulness, and civility.

Thank you!

If I haven’t sent any of y’all an Official PhotoStructure Thank You Card With Stickers:

or you need More Stickers, or an Official PhotoStructure Magnet, DM me an address and I’ll send them out to you for free.


I would buy and pay for postage for bumper stickers, car window stickers or something I can display outside on a car (not much driving at the moment in Ontario CANADA, but maybe soon). Any plans to do something like that by your “marketing department”? :wink:

I have 3" vinyl magnets: I’ll send you some!

Thanks! I was thinking about something more visible on a car rear window…

Ah, like a vinyl transfer? I’ll look into that :+1: