Timeline Scroll Thumb UI Element

From another feature request topic for a timeline which was closed as complete, a killer feature would be the timeline scroll UI element which would make it really quick and easy to navigate the timeline. I imagine this like the google photos timeline navigation scroll UI element on the right side of the page (which I heavily used).

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Agreed, it’s a great UX.

(You’re allowed to vote on your own ideas, btw!)

This feature would be great to have. Here’s a blog on how the Google Photos UI was built:

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That’s a great article, thanks for pointing it out!

I don’t know that I could ever code it, but it’s neat to study :slight_smile:

I’ve always found Googles photo layout to be very visually pleasing and with a modern look and feel. Would love to see none-cropped images in the grid layout. :slight_smile:

+1 from me

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