Tip for external publishing

Just thought I would share how I’ve published photostructure for external access securely that works quite nice.

I’ll start with the caveat which is that you need access to some kind of azure instance.

I’ve published photostructure (node on windows) with Azure App Proxy. This uses a small agent on the server that connects to the Azure App Proxy instance. You can configure a custom domain and certificate for HTTPS transport.


  • Easy to set up
  • No need to configure port-forwarding on the home network
  • Integrates with MS authentication so that you can assign permissions to personal microsoft identities (outlook.com etc) which in turn includes MFA.


  • Requires an azure instance/subscription (minimum 1 x Azure AD P1, $6/month) (free 1 month trial available)

If anyone knows of an alternative with the same type of setup I’d love to hear :slight_smile:

PS I configured caddy with the auth-plugin and got it working however for me, the form-based auth was just to clunky and old-looking and I don’t have time or energy to try and theme it :slight_smile: DS

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Thanks for sharing! :star: