Transcoded videos not playing on Firefox

So I just ran a fresh install (for node on win server 2022) and my videos are appearing after scanning (thumbnail + duration) but when I click it my browser says it cannot play this format. Everything serms fine with ffmpeg, so is it a client side problem?

Using firefox if that helps.

Howdy @Justin! Apologies for the glitch!

What version of PhotoStructure are you running? If possible, can you switch to the alpha branch, and try that? That is currently v2023.11.0-alpha.1.

If you’re already running that build, can you DM me a zip with the video so I can reproduce the issue locally?

Thanks for reporting this!

Hi Matthew! Thanks for the super fast reply. I’m messaging you now with more info.





I had to upgrade to ffmpeg 6.1: older versions seem to work fine. Spelunking now.

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Error applying option ‘scale’ to filter ‘colorspace’: Option not found: [vost#0:0/libx264 @ 0x7a71e80] Error initializing a simple filtergraph:

That’s a new one. Looking at what args are making ffmpeg 6.1 grumpy now.

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The next release should fix this: I had to revert to the old resize argument, and move it to before the avc commands to let the same arg list work on ffmpeg 4, 5, and 6.

Thanks again for reporting!

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