Tried the new 2024.3.1-prealpha. very few photos seem to have location?


I am excited to see a new version of Photostructure. I may not be upgrading correctly, but so far I am surprised that very few photos have the ‘where’ info.

If I should be reporting this elsewhere, such as Discord, please advise.

thank you.

$ cat

docker run
–name photostructure
–env PS_LOG_LEVEL=info
–stop-timeout 120
–publish 1787:1787
-e TZ=“$TZ”
-e PUID=$(id -u)
-e PGID=$(id -g)
-e upgradeInsecureRequests=false
-v /photos_mybook1/photos/src:/photos
-v /home/photos/pslibrary:/ps/library



The “where” tags will only be populated on images that have latitude/longitude data embedded in the exif data. Could that be why you aren’t seeing much in the “where” tags?

Yes I guess you are correct – Apparently the phone we take the most pictures with, has privacy set. I will have to learn how to allow gps.
thank you.

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Just FYI, I’ve just promoted the v2024.3.2 build to :beta, so you can get off the (sometimes quite broken) “prealpha” channel.

You can verify the version on the /about page. If it doesn’t seem to be the expected version, just use the “beta” tag: replace

With photostructure/server:beta

You should be able to

docker pull photostructure/server:beta

And then your docker run command. Holler if anything goes sideways!

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thank you I will try the :beta !

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