Trying to make mp4 video to appear under correct date in PS

I want PhotoStructure to index my edited videos (exported from Final Cut Pro as mp4) and I would like these videos to appear under proper date - i.e. when the video was captured and not when the file was created. I realized the date was wrong after PS indexed the video. So, I “exiftool” the video with

exiftool -AllDates='2021-08-13 20:45:00' /path/to/files/video.mp4

Then I

./photostructure sync --force /path/to/files/video.mp4

But the file still appears under the date when it was created.

I check

./photostructure info /path/to/files/video.mp4

and it shows me correct date/time

capturedAt: {
      date: ExifDateTime {
        year: 2021,
        month: 8,
        day: 13,
        hour: 20,
        minute: 45,
        second: 0,
        millisecond: 0,
        tzoffsetMinutes: -240,
        rawValue: '2021:08:13 20:45:00',
        zoneName: 'America/Toronto'

but also I see previously indexed incorrect date 2021-08-25…:

priorAssetFile: {
      '$ctor': 'models.AssetFile',
      assetId: 80591,
      capturedAtLocal: 2021082515510000,

How do I fix this?


Ha! Surprisingly “Re-sync this asset” from UI made it work while CLI sync with or without --force option did not.

I’m glad the UI resync fixed it, but sync should have worked. :thinking:

I’ll try to reproduce this on my box and see why sync didn’t fix it. Thanks for reporting!