Txt log for rejected and corrupt files

Generally i find it kind of hard to localize photos that either is rejected or causing problems in some way.

On the desktop version I guess its log-searching and on the server version there is tools to find them but at least for me that is pritty novice at bash/nodejs command line it quite cumbersome.

A suggestion would be to (optionally through an setting maybe) to have Photostructure simply output a csv-file or something similar with all photos that is rejected and a column with the reason(s). This could be used to fine-tune filter settings. For instance I had some old photos that fell just short of the filesize filter but I don’t mind so I decreased the size filter)

Also a csv-file with all photos that cause some kind of error and is skipped, either by exiftool,dcraw,jpegxxxx or ffmpeg. I would like to go through all files that are corrupt in some way, either delete them or maybe see if I can restore them from a backup.

Just realized that this is adressed in this feature request.

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