Type Search

I’m not sure the “type:xxx” search is working for me. When I do other searches based on something like time it seems to work okay. However when I do the type (example - type:image) search it just stays on the search screen and doesn’t load anything

Hmm, that’s no good. I wonder if your tag search index is borked?

If you shell into your docker container, what do these return?

docker exec -it NAME_OF_CONTAINER sh

# This hits the tag index:

./photostructure list --query type:image | wc -l

# This only hits the asset index:

./photostructure list --query when:2020 | wc -l

Results are below:

Do you not have any assets in this library taken in 2020?

I do have a lot of assets taken in 2020, the search “when:2020” seems to work in photostructure but “type:image” does not