Ugh I messed up bad

My intentions was to organise my OneDrive camera upload folder, there’s about 8k unsorted pictures going back nearly 20 years.

So I installed and have taken advantage of the free trial (very kind btw)

The problem is my computer is a media server, there’s 20k music files, about 10k TV episodes and 1K movies and these all have screenshots and other related media bundles within those folders.

Well Photo structure has done it’s thing but it’s also imported all these unwanted files, literally more than my actual photos. Is there anyway I can untangle this?

I would just delete your library and start from scratch, but this time pay attention to the “Where else are your photos and videos?” section. Instead of “Automatic”, choose “Manual” and enter the path(s) that you want Photostructure to scan.

Good luck!

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Welcome to PhotoStructure, @Stuart !

I recommend @tkohhh 's approach if your directories are separate.

If, however, your music and videos and everything else are a bit mixed together, know that PhotoStructure has extensive file filtering settings, including mimetype filtering, file size (both min and max), video duration filtering (to avoid importing videos longer than, say, 15 minutes), and a bunch more, listed here:

If you can’t quite figure it out, hop into discord and we’ll figure out what settings you need to tweak to make things behave as you’d like.

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