User-configurable browsing order (sort by chronological or reverse-chronological order)

When viewing an individual image, pressing RIGHT will show you an older picture, and LEFT will take you to a newer one. I think I’m hardwired to expect it to work the other way around - with right meaning newer. Is there a way to change this behavior?

Ha! I agree: this is the way I had it originally, but many beta testers (and, critically, my wife) said it was wrong: I think Google Photos have trained people to think reverse-chron.

Not currently, sorry. I think this would need to be a front-end-only preference, similar to the thumbnail size preference.

I’ll edit the title a bit so others that want this feature may see and vote for it.

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I would love this to be user configurable. Whether it’s Google photos or not that set the process for me, in my mind, pressing right should be newer picture, not left.

Kind of on a similar topic, is there any way (or plan to add) allowing us to toggle the list the photos newer to old in the photo listing? I can’t see anything in the app, windows app, or the doco about it.

BTW, I’ve bitten the bullet and I’m now a Plus member. Monthly to start with, but will change to yearly when $ isn’t so tight.