Using docker-compose on macOS with USB external drive and not finding files

Hi, probably just how I have specified the setting but using the source: “/Volumes/LaCie 2TB_2/media” convention in .yml file but the sync ends with no files in library. So, I went ahead and added it to the settings on webpage ’ Where else are your photos and videos?’ as well. Can you help me straighten this out? Thanks E

Howdy @elmason !

What version and edition of PhotoStructure are you using, and what version of macOS do you have?

.yml says 3.7 and macOS Ventura (13.5.1)

I went ahead and added PS_FORCE_LOCAL_DB_REPLICA and ran sync again but same result, I started with using node, then switched to using Docker due to being more familiar with it. I used different folders, any chance some of that stepped on each other??

Actually, LITE so version 1.1 ?

Ok, when I changed the ’Where else are your photos and videos?’ setting to Automatic the sync did start to load photos from, probably local Pictures folder (using a MacMini), might it have issue with the fact the drive has a space in the name?

Ok, I believe it is working, on Automatic setting, I have quite a lot of images, at least went down from 3 days to 1 day of processing. I have tried PhotoPrism and PhotoView and just didn’t like them, either how put together or the UI (PhotoView). Have been looking for a solution to share photos from over the years with friends and family. Looks great so far, going to spend so time with it. Looking forward to subscribing soon. Thanks, Everette