Using PhotoStructure only for clean up and structure photo purposes

I have a few different sources of photos that are backed-up from different platforms, now being moved to my NAS. A lot of them are duplicated and having wrong EXIF date, location and tags. My end goal would be having the photo deduplicated, sorted in folders and with correct EXIF stored in the files.

I am thinking to import everything to use PhotoStructure in Docker and let it does the magic to deduplicate and auto organize, then use the program to update EXIF of the photos. My question is, is PhotoStructure the right tool for the job? How reliable is deduplication? Does it store EXIF to the file when I change the date via the program? Also, when I change the date, does it automatically update the folder structure (move files to the associated folder)?

Currently Photostructure does not have a way to write updated tags to your photos. Writing tags is a pending feature request.

Photostructure is great for giving you a UI to view your photos, as well as search the tags that you have added in your photo tagger of choice. It sounds like it may not be the best tool for your use case.

I hope that helps!

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Hi @tkohhh, thank you for your answer. As long as date (and optionally location) is stored inside the original file, then I am happy. Would the original quality of the photos be kept when using the auto organize feature?

Yes, original quality is always maintained. Photostructure simply copies the file from it’s original location into the auto-organzied folders.

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@tkohhh do you know why I cannot edit date data in the photo?

When I click on it, it goes directly to my the photo folder. Note that the server is not done scanning.

As I mentioned before, Photostructure does not have a way to edit metadata. It’s (currently) a viewer only, not an editor. You’ll need to use different software to edit metadata.

Got it. I was thinking that it only could not write tag. Thank you :slight_smile: