V1.0.0-beta.15 released

What’s in it?

  • :sparkles: Added new sync information section to the About page (which contains the same info as the info --sync-paths terminal command, but is easier to get to:

  • :bug: Search works again. Thanks for the report, @Sergi!

  • :bug: Improved back-button navigation on tag and search pages (previous restoration of scroll position between tags didn’t work correctly)

  • :bug: Replaced rem CSS references with px to make browser rendering more consistent

  • :bug: Rewrote rendering of paths in the asset info panel.

  • "Auto-collapsing" child tag improvements:

    (When navigating tag galleries, if a tag has only one direct child tag and no direct assets, PhotoStructure will “fast forward” to the child tag to save you clicks/confusion. See the forum post for more context.

    • :bug: Fixed paging bug.

    • :package: Added fastForwardEmptyTags setting to support disabling this behavior if you find it confusing.

  • :package: Added hostname setting to support explicitly setting the hostname (as another workaround to OSes that change hostname arbitrarily, and a way to pass the hostname into docker containers).

  • :bug: Fixed automatic sync volume scheduling. Thanks for the assist, @tkohhh!

  • :package: Sync path scheduling heuristics were adjusted to ensure every path will get synced, even if sync takes longer than syncIntervalHours. We now return:

    1. the last-updated sync path, if it was recently worked on, or
    2. the first listed sync path that’s never been started before
    3. the first listed sync path that’s never been completed before
    4. the least recently completed sync path that hasn’t been completed in the last syncIntervalHours
  • :bug:/:package: Filesystem caches are now flushed at the beginning of sync to ensure new directories and files are seen (which should help sync from missing newly-created directories)

  • :package: Opened-by locks are now matched by hostname or by system UID (which may help docker and macOS, both of which change host names arbitrarily)

  • :package: PhotoStructure for Desktops now takes a library database backup when the library is on a remote filesystem and the system is going down to suspend or shutdown, unless backupRemoteDbOnSuspend is set to false. This may help macOS which can disconnect remote filesystems during powernaps.

  • :package: When the system is shutting down or suspending, library database backups now skip CPU or disk intensive tasks (like VACUUM, OPTIMIZE, or db maintenance tasks), which should help ensure the backup completes quickly and successfully.

  • :package: Searches with no results show a flash message to that effect.

  • :package: currentLibraryLockOwner and libraryHasSettings caches no longer expire (which should reduce PhotoStructure shutting down due to filesystem hiccups)



Where should I report bugs?

Reply here, or create a new bug, or post to the discord: whatever is more convenient for you.

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Update successful! I will test the sync process and let you know what happens. Do I understand correctly that the sync should be running every hour at this point?

Thanks again for all your efforts!

No, it should be checking to see if there’s a stale volume to sync every hour.

“Staleness” is still considered 24 hour after the last completion.

Ahh, got it! I will report in the morning if the sync worked!

On Windows 10 Desktop, I checked for upgrade and I updated to beta 15. Everything worked as expected (except restarting automatically)
Search is working