V1.1.0 released

What’s in it?

Mostly bugfixes:

  • :sparkles: Want to see if a similar image is already in your library? The new ./photostructure list --looks-like /path/to/image.jpg switch shows existing, imported assets that share the same SHA or image hash as /path/to/image.jpg. See the forum discussion for more details.

  • :sparkles: Deduplication improvement: JPEG+RAW pairs with different sets of camera serial number tags are now matched properly. Thanks for the report, bdillahu!

  • :bug:/:broken_heart: The PhotoStructure for Desktops setting, openAtLogin, was deleted. The “Open at login” menu option is still available on macOS and Windows, though!

    What we wanted was to have the “Open at login” menu option reflect the current state of the system, and if toggled, sets the system to match that state.

    By having this backed by a setting and the system state, though, the persisted setting would overwrite the system setting whenever PhotoStructure launched. The setting was simply unnecessary.

  • :bug: The about page and info tool no longer crash if the library is missing.

  • :bug: Squelched ENOENT errors from expected readdir failures.

  • :bug: Flushed prior caches for directories that have been touched or unlinked.

  • :package: docker container run photostructure/server ... doesn’t require a /ps/config bind mount to run.

  • :package: New ffmpegThreads setting supports customizing the value passed to ffmpeg -threads. A new, more conservative default should also help prevent ffmpeg from chowing all your CPU and then some.

  • :package: Twiddled autoUpdater.quitAndInstall() to use defaults: we’ll see in v1.2.0 if that allows upgrades to re-launch properly.

How do I get it?

Upgrades are automatic on PhotoStructure for Desktops/

If you’re on PhotoStructure for Node, shutdown and restart: start.sh will automatically download and build the latest and greatest.

Upgrade instructions for PhotoStructure for Docker are here.

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