V2023.11.0-prealpha.18 (and .19) released

This one’s got a couple minor features, and a ton of bug fixes.

See all the details here:

Note that this is still a “prealpha” build, as the following editions are available:

  • PhotoStructure for Docker (from a Linux or macOS host)
  • PhotoStructure for Node on Linux
  • PhotoStructure for Desktops on Linux

Other editions have not yet been validated on Windows nor macOS.

I’m testing on those platforms now, and hope to have another build out shortly. For users on those platforms, thank you for your patience!

Please report bugs either here or in the “issue triage” section in Discord.


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I am using Unraid version and still got only 2.1.0-alpha.7 there as maximum.
How I can upgrade/update? This version is useless for me as it never finishes the sync. It just stops syncing after few hours and adds maybe few hundreds photos in while it should go through almost a 100K more. Never ending loop. And I really would like to see sync to be finished and sure that all photos are processed. How?

Apologies for sync getting stuck!

For unraid & docker-compose, you need to edit your template and find the container. Change photostructure/server:alpha to photostructure/server:prealpha and restart the container.

If you find that it still isn’t progressing to completion, and you’re willing, I’d like to look into what’s causing the issue. Running with debug logging and sharing those logs would be a good first step in figuring out what’s going awry.