V2023.12-alpha.7 released

  • :sparkles: Sync reports now include reasons why the sync work queues may not consider themselves eligible to start more work. This could be from the system load being to high, or one of the critical health checks failing (like if a library volume has insufficient disk space). Sync reports also now auto-collapse repeating messages, so you don’t get thousands of lines of the same error message.

  • :bug: Fixed “failed to apply SQL” error on Windows

  • :bug: If “Scan all directories on all drives” is selected on macOS, we now avoid scanning /, with the belief that macOS users will typically store their files either in their home directory, or on external volumes. If you have files on your root partition outside your home directory, you can always add them explicitly, and PhotoStructure will scan those paths even if “Scan all directories on all drives” is selected.

  • :bug: sync schedules a cleanup process after every 50 processed files. Unfortunately, this cleanup process would force-rebuild the Tag.assetCount column in prior builds. Force-rebuilding this column can take 10 or more minutes on slow machines and large libraries. The “cleanup” no longer force-rebuilds Tag.assetCount, as it is kept up to date incrementally as assets are added or removed from tags.

  • :package: The proc-not-superuser health check is no longer skipped on Windows, as it only looks at the source shell, which should normally run with non-admin permissions (even if the user is an “Administrator”).

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