✅ V2023.8.0-prealpha.12 library build fails. The sync report says "TypeError: e.localBoundaries is not a function"

I’ve just installed PhotoStructure v2023.8.0-prealpha.12 for Docker yesterday and letting it do its thing building the library. After it had finished, no photos showed up which I found quite odd. Looking at the sync report, every picture has a line similar to

failed,importFileToResult(),3617,TypeError: e.localBoundaries is not a function

I’m running Docker with the latest updates on Windows 10.

Howdy @mof! Welcome to PhotoStructure! Thanks for taking the time to report this issue. I’ve reproduced this locally, and the next build should resolve this issue.

Although the prealpha branch is working for some people, it isn’t really isn’t ready for prime time, especially for Windows and macOS, which both have showstopping bugs, and there are still some showstoppers even on some docker setups.

If you want up-to-the-minute development updates, please Join the PhotoStructure Discord chat
and hop into the “alphabeta” discussion room. It’s a friendly bunch!

Thanks for the quick reply!
Will definitely be checking the Discord server out.

I hit this error too. It’s fixed as of the latest prealpha :slight_smile: