Version Not showing Beta

I am using unraid and i have it set to install beta branch but when I look it still shows V1.1.0 as where it use to show an actual beta build number and I’m a bit confused. I also was curious how when we could hopefully see a fix to allow for you to go forward and backwards inside a folder

This is expected! The latest-and-greatest version is the stable build, v1.1.0.

All tags (:alpha, :beta, and :stable) all point to this same version of the code.

I manage PhotoStructure tags a bit non-traditionally:

  • all alpha, beta, and stable builds get tagged with :alpha
  • all beta and stable builds get tagged with :beta
  • only stable releases get tagged with :stable and :latest

This strategy lets people get the best build given their risk tolerance, and not have to worry about changing their tags between :stable and, for example, :beta.

Please don’t use :alpha (or maybe even :beta!) for your “primary” library, though!

This is why:

The next build will be an :alpha build, v2.0.0-alpha.1, and it’s expected to be a bit “rough around the edges.” A lot changed: literally every dependency got upgraded, new Node and Electron runtimes got pulled in, frontend routing was heavily refactored for keep-alive support, … (see the release notes for all the gory details!)

Also non-traditionally: I update the release notes as I make changes to the development branch, not when I release the version.

If the release date by a version says “to be released”, I haven’t shipped that version yet:


this lets any interested users see what’s “coming soon.”

Oh man, apologies–this bugs me too. The issue is being tracked in a couple topics:


I want to address this in the following release, v2.1.