The Next/Previous buttons in the asset view ignores search results

If you click Next/Previous button after you opened an asset from the search results it doesn’t go to other asset from the search result, it goes to the next/previous asset chronologically in the library ignoring the search query

Maybe it’s related Add button to scroll streams in either direction ?

I was browsing type:video and bonked against this just now as well. I agree that it’s non-intuitive, and will fix it as soon as I can.

This feature is very similar, but for tag contexts, instead of the current search context:

To be honest, this is the feature that is stopping me from using Photostructure. I sort everything by key words, and i cannot look through my ‘vurtual album’…


Thanks for sharing that feedback. This bothers me too: I’ll fix it soon.


Can agree this is frustrating and every other option does it to I have more hope in @mrm in solving this over say Plex or JellyFin that have the same options that is the main thing that keeps me here. The fact the author the coder actively uses his own software and understands the frustrations of something simple like this can bring.

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Just want to add my “me too!” on this issue. I had to revert to another tool yesterday to find pics of a given person over time - PS was completely unusable for this purpose. @mrm please make this a priority!

This initial fix will include a “navigation context” for the next/prev buttons: either a tag path or a search query.

The search page is smart enough to page through those results in lazily-fetched batches, but this non-materialized paging becomes expensive when your “page” is only 1 asset at a time: I have to redo the entire search results each time you click “next” or “previous”.

I’ll see how hard it would be to add caching.

I think an initial pass at this without caching would be fine. Might only really be a problem for extremely large libraries, I doubt it’s be a problem for most.